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ein Projekt der KuB Berlin


Body and sexuality: The website zanzu provides information on anatomy, sexuality, pregnancy and other subjects in twelve languages.

Health care system:  The Zehlendorf district authority provides a wide range of information in several languages on access to health care with the “Grüner Schein” (Green Leaflet). *Please note: The wording “in case of acute illness or pain” in this document is not fully correct. Ayslum seekers also have the right to see a doctor if they suffer from chronic illnesses.

Pro Asyl: Compilation of information on healthcare

Ratgeber “Gesundheit für Asylsuchende in Deutschland” (Manual “Health for Asylum Seekers in Germany”): edited by Bundesgesundheitsministerium (Ministry of Health) in Arabic, English, Kurdish and Pashto

Translations: Aids and informations regarding health in a wide variety of languages can be found at They have even a compiled a health booklet that can be brought to the doctor’s office to simplify conversation and diagnosis.


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