Formulare verstehbar machen

ein Projekt der KuB Berlin

The Project

What is at stake

Imagine you fled a crisis region and came to Germany without being able to speak any German. All of the sudden your livelihood depends on the forms you are forced to fill out. These forms determine where you go from here: shelter, support for yourself and your family, residential status, employment, housing and education for your children – all of this adds to the burden of everything a refugee already has to take care of.
Filling out application forms at German administrative bodies can be a major challenge for refugees and migrants. Hardly any of the important forms are available in any language other than German.
Counsellors and social workers are often at the limits of their capabilities when helping others to fill out the forms. Translators and language mediators that have to understand the rather complicated administrative German language need to be called in – and all of this requires a lot of effort.
With our project “making forms understandable“, we intend on making a difference to fix this problem! We provide important forms in different languages including explanations – at the least in the most sought-after languages. The translated forms and tips on how to fill them out are published on our website.

How can I help?

With their donations, around 100 people have helped so far to finance a modest paid position to take care of the extensive coordination required in this project. Even though these contributions have made a huge difference, they are not enough to ensure the project’s survival. For this reason we ask people to continually provide support through donations to Betterplace’s donation platform.
All translations are done on a voluntary basis. If you would like to contribute, sign up via the volunteer search on Betterplace or send us a message via our contact form.