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ein Projekt der KuB Berlin

Information for Refugees

ARD: Video clips for adults and children in English and Arabic. Information on living in Germany: first steps, jobs, school, internet access, public transportation, etc.

Berlin: Online map of Berlin with a lot of useful information for refugees in English, Persian, and Arabic., website with informations for refugees in Berlin in Arabic, in the future also in English and Farsi.

berlinpass: With the berlinpass (German only) berliners with a small income (for example those who receive benefits according to the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act)) pay less for the Berlin Ticket (busses and trains), the entry of concerts and public libraries.

berlinpass Bildung und Teilhabe (BuT): With the berlinpass-BuT children and teenagers get support. They can, for example, participate in school excursions without paying anything or pay less for the school meals. There are informations on the berlinpass-BuT in Arabic, English, Farsi und and other languages.

Berlin-Wedding: Online map (part 1, part 2) of Wedding with a lot of useful information for refugees. Information in English, French, Russian, and Arabic.

Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees): BAMF published the flyer “Welcome to Germany” in many languages. It provides information on housing, work, recognition of school/university leaving certificates, child care and a lot more.

The “Welcome to Germany” section of the BAMF website was (partly) translated into English, Russian and Turkish.

Deutsche Welle: “First Steps in Germany” in English, Arabic, Dari, Pashto and Urdu.

Funkhaus Europa: Radio programme for refugees in Arabic, English, and German.

Media platform: The website answers to the question, where refugees can find which medias (news, books, apps etc.) in Germany in many different languages. The website has a German, an English and an Arabic version.

Pro Asyl: A compilation of information

Refugee Guide: The “Refugee Guide”  provides help for getting one’s bearings in Germany in numerous languages, including Arabic, Albanian, Pashto, Dari and Tigrinya.

Refugee Welcome – Infopad:  The “Refugees Welcome – Infopad” offers an overview of offers for refugees in various languages.

Syrians in Germany: Information in Arabic

Tagesschau: Tagesschau in 100 seconds in English and Arabic.

WDR: Informations in Arabic, English, Persian und German.

Welcome-App: The recently launched “Welcome App”  for smartphones provides useful, local information on your phone. There is already an app for Android that aims to provide information of national relevance.

Welcome to Europe: Information for refugees and migrants in several languages providing facts and data on different countries in Europe.


*Disclaimer: KuB e. V. accepts no liability for information found on external websites.