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Education and Work

Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket: Children of families with low income can get some aids of the so called Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket (Education and Participation Package). The Land Berlin pays, for example, the costs of a couple of days Kitafahrt (trip of the kindergarden).

With the Berlinpass the children get a lot of reductions. They pay less, for example, for the public transport, the theater, the Volkshochschule or the zoo. Also refugee children can get the Berlinpass. An application is not needed.

Further informations and leaflets in different languages regarding the Berlinpass and the Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket in Berlin you find here.

DGB: The Projekt Faire Mobilität (Fair Mobility Project) of the DGB has issued flyers about the “right to work for refugees” in various languages. These are especially directed toward asylum seekers and refugees who have been granted a work permit.

The information is all available in German, Arabic, Farsi, English, and French. The flyers can be downloaded or ordered from the DGB.

Job market: The job markets and jobbö are targeted toward refugees and employers who would like to give refugees a chance. Petitions and offers can be posted here.

Minijob: The company Zukunft im Zentrum (Focusing on the Future) provides information on minijob in several languages, including English and Arabic.

Recognition of studies and professional trainings: An app of the Ministry of Education provides information concerning the recognition of studies and professional trainings, that were done abroad – in Arabic, English, Dari, Farsi, Paschtu and Tigrinya.

Studying: General informations about studying in Germany.

Universities: Many German universities offer programmes for refugees or guest student associations. This map provides an overview.

University for refugees: Kiron University is an online university specially established for refugees. Donations make it possible for refugees to study. Detailed information in English can be found here.


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