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We want to support refugees and migrants who are seeking advice, so that they can live in Germany independently and take responsibility for their life here.

Examples of what we offer to refugees and migrants, are: consultations on the right of residence, psychological support and German language classes.

We work with integrated methods. Our social work is centred on the person.

The people we advise are independent, able to take responsibility for themselves and develop strategies for their own lives. We support and advise them.

Refugees and migrants often live on the margins of German society. Their situations are often precarious. We think we need to change this situation.

The team of KuB is commited to ensuring...

  • ...the understanding between the people in Berlin.
  • ...the reduction of prejudice and discrimination.
  • ...the integration of refugees and migrants into the Berlin society.

We are committed to these aims in our private, social and political life.

We fight against racism and other forms of discrimination, such as anti-Semitism, age discrimination, sexism and homophobia.

We want to achieve these aims through the range of our activities.

All the services that KuB offers are free of charge.