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unfortunately all the courses are full. As soon as there are new places free, we will inform you on the website.

How can you join?

Everybody can learn German with us. Classes are free of charge. You do not have to pay anything. It does not matter how old you are. It does not matter which residency status you have.

There are different courses:

  • Alphabetization: You will learn how to read and write. This is your first German course.
  • A 1.1: In the course of new Beginners you already know how to read and write. You do not speak any German. Here you will learn how to speak and understand German. This is your first German class.
  • A 1.2: You already speak a little German. This is your second German course.
  • A 2.1: You already speak a little German. This is your third German course.
  • A 2.2: You do speak German quite well. This is your fourth German course.
  • B 1: Your 5th, 6th, or 7th German course.
  • B 2: You do not have any problems in your everyday life. With B2 you are allowed to study at a University.
  • Conversation Course: There is also a course for conversation. Here you focus on your German conversation.
  • Mother-Child-Course: You are a mother to a small child. In our mother-child-course you learn German. We do take care of your child while you are in the German course.


  • A course takes 6 months.
  • All courses do take place 1, 2 or 3 times per week.
  • You want to prove that you speak German for the Jobcenter or a job application? Sorry, but we cannot do this! We do not hand out official certificates about your German knowledge.
  • But we can prepare a confirmation of participation in our courses.

Where do the courses take place?

Day trip once a month

We do have day trips once a month.

We walk through the centre of Berlin, go to a museum or to a park.

We learn things about the history, culture and politics of Germany.

We do have fun together.